Oasis of the Damned by Greg Gifune

Oasis of the Damned - Greg F. Gifune

I’ve read 10 books by Greg Gifune and given quite a few of them five stars, he is one of my favourite authors and writes some incredible, emotionally deep fiction, thought provoking with wonderful prose.


Oasis of the Damned is the story of Heather Richter, a veteran of the Iraqi war who crashes a helicopter in the Sahara desert, just where you don’t want to be, luck is at hand when she discovers a military outpost abandoned from WWII and possible refuge. She soon realises that there is another survivor, one who’s been here a hell of a lot longer than she has and Owens is preparing for war.


They come at night, unceasing & relentless, and Richter’s luck it turns out, might possibly be of the worst kind as the dark brings a battle that beggars belief. With no chance of rescue, life becomes a brutal fight for survival, cruelly repeated night after night against a foe with no remorse.


During the day they burn the bodies of the slain, interspersed with nightmare ridden sleep and this is where we delve into the past of Richter, from childhood loss to memories of war.


All told it’s another very well written and tense story, I did have a few issues but I think it may well be me being a bit thick.


*Possible Spoilers*

Have to admit I wasn’t 100% with this, it seems her dreams are shown in italics but this change’s frequently in the middle of chapters for no apparent reason and she dies in one dream. Not sure if that is supposed to signify something out of the real life experience or it means that what I took as real life is actually the dream as she dies.


I gave Oasis of the Damned 3.5* as I didn’t rate it as highly as his other stuff.


I received Oasis of the Damned from Darkfuse & Netgalley in exchange for an honest review and that’s what you’ve got.