Guess the Horror Film #9

First up the answers to the last quiz.


The Howling
Ichi the killer
Lake Placid
Cockneys vs Zombies (maybe a bit naughty of me with this low budget brit horror)
Puppet master
Black Christmas (original)


New from the tomb of terror and now even more difficult because I've worked out how to do my own Gif's, the world is now my oyster.


1. Watch out for these neighbours back in 2006


2. Released last year, should be easy if you recognise the obvious character



3. A house party gets caught up in an epidemic, another from last year.



4. Another low budget from 2006



5. From 2012, its the boys.



6. From 2006, a brit comedy horror, that is fucking funny.



7. For HFK from 2002



8. Last one from back in 2002