Mutator by Gary Fry

Mutator - Gary Fry

Mutator is a novella from Gary Fry that for me pushed pretty much all the right buttons, brought a genuine feeling of unease at the beginning, was methodically paced and ended in a satisfactory conclusion.


James and his beagle Damian (great name for a dog by the way) have moved into a new secluded property and he’s just settling in, bit of gardening, the usual stuff. When he wakes up one morning to find a perfect six inch hole in his lawn. After further investigation he discovers that his cellar is a lot bigger than he realised and a secret room is where this sci-fi/creature feature story kicks off.


There is a relatively small character base, well I guess you can’t get smaller than one guy with a couple of brief appearances from a toffee nosed neighbour and a faithful dog. There were brief looks into the characters history to add some depth and if anything this could have been expanded, to dig a little deeper. For me I really enjoy getting into a character, looking at their flaws, how they communicate, everything really after all it helps to build a bigger picture and peaks your interest more. This story definitely grabbed my interest.


I won’t give any more away and my only issue, and it is a small one and may just be a me thing, is that the author occasionally goes a bit mad, over-zealous might be a better description but sometimes there appears to be a competition regarding fitting as many big words into a sentence as possible. I could give examples but I won’t bore you, just to say that it disrupted the pace a little at times, when you have to overthink something and that’s why I described it as methodical or maybe meticulous.


Overall though I quite enjoyed Mutator and rate this as my favourite of Gary Fry’s work


Mutator was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review and that is what you have.