Angel of the Abyss by Ed Kurtz

Angel of the Abyss - Ed Kurtz

Angel of the Abyss was an intriguing noir mystery that intertwined stories from the present and one from way back in 1926.


Angel of the Abyss was the name of a silent film, staring Grace Baronsky, who was heralded as a future star and the film was an instant sensation, for all the wrong reasons. It broke boundaries never envisioned before, dealing with taboo topics such as rape and occult rituals but the biggest shock was the disappearance of its star who literally vanished without a trace.


In 2013 Graham Woodard receives a phone call from someone claiming to be in possession of a reel from the lost film Angel of the Abyss, a film that disappeared along with its star and a claim that should it be true, would be the find of the film industry and beyond value. Its authenticity verified Graham finds himself on a plane and the job of a lifetime but his plans are thrown into turmoil almost immediately as a maze of murder opens up before him.


The story then alternates between 1926 and the filming of the fated movie, and present time as bodies pile up and the keystone cops take on the case, always one step behind.


I enjoyed the story set in the past and the slightly naïve Grace Baronsky set the tone & atmosphere of the era. You can sort of guess where it’s going but you hope that it never gets there. The story set in the present was ok, a few incredulous moments especially when a head injury/coma victim is up and running about seemingly without pause.

Overall I enjoyed parts of Angel of the Abyss and some not so much but I would certainly read further work from Ed Kurtz.


I received Angel of the Abyss from Darkfuse & Netgalley in exchange for an honest review and that’s what you’ve got.