Fog Warning by Edward Lorn

Fog Warning - Edward Lorn

Fog Warning is a book about a mysterious Fog that heralds a warning, ok pretty good so far, for a definitive ‘grab you by the shirt collars’ synopsis.


You’ve got the violent, gruesome bit which was a truly, still wincing now with a suitable grimacing expression to match, in the shape of an accident that shakes the rafters, and enough so to leave our protagonist looking like a different man who now has no need to check his appearance is up to scratch in the mirror.


Then you have the wonderful dialogue that feels like a conversation I could quite easily be involved in, genuine, palpable however you want to describe it, it’s just real and coupled with the authors razor sharp wit that cuts down to the quick, sometimes dry, sarcastic but above all else bloody funny.


Our protagonist is Doctor Brent Cummings, a man who lives close to edge, hiding a drug addiction as best he can from his work colleagues, obtaining his stash through the usual nefarious means and truth be told he’s heading for a serious fall. When he starts to see ghosts from his past, that damned mysterious Fog and a dead body that only he can see. It’s only a matter of time before everything gets tossed to the wind and he’s left trying to work everything out in a drug induced haze.


Another top story from Ed Lorn set in the legendary Bays End itself, a stone’s throw from Waverly Chasm (if you’ve got a good arm) and I have to say, the second half of the story was top class Lorn entertainment. I think the first half suffered a little from setting everything out, I didn’t feel the humour as much but there was of course the usual loads of quotes I underlined.


A couple for you

‘he should have been on the Morticians slab, stone cold and getting to know Rigor Mortis.’

And ‘his back popped, each vertebrae crackling like buttons on a fat man’s trousers’.


Ed Lorn has a way with the words, the impact catchphrase and long may it continue, roll on Cruelty 6.


Fog Warning was provided by the author in return for an honest review and that is what you have, as always, and my thanks to the author.