Cruelty #6 by Edward Lorn

Cruelty (Episode Six) - Edward Lorn

What a week, two new releases from Ed Lorn, short stories but I guess you can’t have everything. I’ve read pretty much everything the authors released and in my opinion his best work and my favourite to date is the Cruelty series.


It’s shaping up to sit in my top 5 all-time favourites, my only criticism, that damned wait for the next one to come out. This is what I posted on my blog immediately after finishing the 60 or so pages of episode 6, pardon my French.


Ahhh! It's finished F*ck, shit and every other swear word from my repertoire.

This is like the worst addiction that can only be sated every two weeks, man that's Cruelty for ya.


Seriously though this is like Point Break, jumping out of the plane without a parachute Ed Lorn is who we have to catch and them next four episodes stuck in his back pocket. Anyone live near him we need to take him out, create a diversion and pay a visit to his office :)


Twon & Forgiveness are two of a multitude of gripping characters from the mind of a twisted genius, this has stoked my appetite, reminded me how much I love this series and I want more.


Now let me emphasize that ‘we need to take him out’ means for a burger and not anything more sinister but it just shows how highly I rate this series. I won’t give any plot details away and I think I’ve maybe made my point that I want to read it straight away and not wait around but I do understand the reasons behind the continuation of the serial format.


We start off with a little history of our favourite sociopathic killing machine family and a little cross over to one of his other novels set at Waverly chasm, love these little titbits around the infamous Bays End but these small pieces of the past are simply gripping. We then ramp straight into the catastrophic events that we left at the end of episode 5 and my favourite characters Twon & Forgiveness are definitely not hiding amidst the carnage.


Seriously you have to try this, if you’re undecided get the first episode on kindle for next to nothing, it’s around 50 pages and won’t even cost you an hour of your life but like me you may well come to the conclusion, this is top notch, fucking good stuff and then you’re caught with no hope of return from the Cruelty train.