The Nightmare Girl by Jonathan Janz

The Nightmare Girl - Jonathan Janz

My second Jonathan Janz read in a week, both curtesy of Netgalley and I’ve got to say, the guy can certainly spin an entertaining and engrossing story, one that will keep you up way, way past bedtime.


The Nightmare Girl, first impression has a great cover and did the story match up, most definitely yes, this is a thrilling page turner that offers no respite whatsoever. One that before you know it you’re approaching the end and its then decision time, to sleep or not, my votes for not.


The start is excellent, it brings a genuine feeling of unease when family man Joe Crawford pulls into the garage to fill up. Joe is stung into action when he sees a Mother strike her toddler and he unwittingly sets off a chain of events rooted deep in the past that are about to ignite on the present with devastating consequences. The child is taken from her Mother by the authorities, unleashing a whirlwind in the form of a cult with little or no boundaries, their only parameters, bloody revenge and the return of the child.


Have to say I didn’t really make any notes as I read this, you don’t feel the need to with a story that flows as rapidly as this, there’s a feeling of apprehension throughout, plenty of action, more than a fair share of bloodshed and yeah I’d recommend it.


I received The Nightmare Girl from Samhain Publishing & Netgalley in exchange for an honest review and that’s what you’ve got.