Hot In December by Joe Lansdale

Hot in December - Joe R. Lansdale

After being blown away by the completely unsubtle and hilarious Bubba Ho-Tep, I immediately dived straight into my second Lansdale and was again blown away by how, well just how ordinary it was.


Was this the same guy or a trick by some nobody to sell books, I mean obviously it is the same guy but the marked differences in pretty much everything I loved about Bubba had me continually thinking, yeah it’s ok but would I go there again.


The plot revolves around Tom and his family, while flipping burgers on his grill outside, Tom witnesses a fatal hit and run incident. He identifies the driver to be the son of a notorious crime mogul and with that attracts the violent attention of people you would normally cross the road to avoid.


Tom is ex-forces and luckily has some scary friends of his own, who will assist in pulling him out of the proverbial deep shit and that is that as they say.


There wasn’t a great deal of humour to Hot In December, nor the comically poetic prose prevalent in Bubba but here’s a quote as Tom meets his army buddy and they leave the reporters office.

“We’re going to a motel for awhile, right after we stop a Walmart and buy a big jar of Vaseline. We like to keep it simple, don’t we honey?”


I will certainly try the Hap Collins and Leonard Pine series, the Drive-In series and The God of the Razor, which I’ve heard good things about but Hot In December, sorry to say just didn’t do it for me.