Fevered Hills by Keith Deininger

Fevered Hills - Keith Deininger

Never mind Fevered Hills I felt like I had a Fevered mind after reading my third Keith Deininger, now I’ve never done drugs (ahem) hard drugs anyway but it feels like I should, purely to get to grips with the mind of our protagonist.


This is one of those reads and it’s only a short novella that you’re never quite sure if it’s all real, where reality starts and stops or is it a dream from a fevered mind, not mine I hasten to add but the young soldier of the story, Martin.


Martin returns to his family’s manor home, amidst the hills to find them gone and things in disarray. He finds solace in his art until soldiers interrupt his little utopia and he has to hide. Injured he finds refuge with two unlikely saviours but is any of it real, you decide.


It’s well worth finding out where the lines of reality and fevered dreams are drawn.


I found one little passage early on that hints at what sort of things to expect but still I think it’s a clever piece of writing.

‘What if this night and this lonesome house, conjured from his childhood, was only an extension of his sickened mind? Perhaps he was trapped beneath a fallen beam, his feet thrashing in the dust, smearing an incoherent message in the soil darkening with his blood…’


All in all this was a bit of a mind trip but I liked it, kinda psychedelic, never quite sure but in a good way.

Definitely recommend this.