Cruelty #8 by Edward Lorn

Cruelty: Episode Eight (Cruelty, #8) - Edward Lorn

Well I’m running out of accolades for this series, it had to happen sooner or later and with only two episodes left I’m reduced to some back breaking research for some suitable praise. Enough to say that Ed Lorn is the one and only author that I’ve read everything of which they’ve released, so I guess that says a lot and Cruelty, well Cruelty is just one awesome MUDDAHFUCKAH.


It all goes a little serious in this episode, which is by no means a bad thing, the story definitely takes a substantial stride forward as the ruinous demon that is Forgiveness continues to cycle ‘through the witchery woman’s memories as a businessman might a Rolodex.’ Twon’s Mamma ain’t something he’s faced before though and it’s a meeting of minds that only one can win.  


No more plot, shouldn’t have given you that bit, although it’s a continuation of the previous episode and significant as it was, it’s easily one of my favourite parts so far. Adding compelling depth to both the characters and the story but I’ve still got no idea where this is going to go and I’m hanging on every word.


And Mr Pontiff is getting a build-up better than a free bar after a shitty day at work but will he meet doll face?


I hope this is not the last we see from some of these characters, I would love to see a prelude or a spin off, an origin story for Forgiveness and his brood would be awesome, a spin off – we’ll see how many people survive first I think. I do think there is some mileage left in this trip, let’s hope E does as well.


I’ll finish on a quote.

“But before there can be forgiveness there must be regret. And before there can be regret-“

“There must be cruelty?”