Revival by Stephen King

Revival - Stephen King

I love listening to audio and this narrator's got a voice I could listen to all day, so laid back its untrue and it worked perfectly for the part of our protagonist Jamie Morton. The only problem, I've got a shit memory and you can't really make notes. I mean you'd be either hitting pause all the time or forever losing the thread and I'd look like a fucking trainspotter walking the dog with a notebook. Just wouldn't work.

So the best I can do is a few reminders, makes the reviewing process a little different but I do love the whole audio experience.


So to Revival and the story of Jamie Morton who as a young whippersnapper meets Reverend Charles Daniel Jacobs, young and new to the community. The Reverend and his family take to their new roles like ducks to water and in particular to young Jamie and his family.


We are introduced to Charlie Jacobs’s infatuation with the healing powers of electricity early in the story, when Jamie's brother injures his throat and is unable to speak. The Reverend fixes a collar to his throat and passes current through his muscles and tendons, part truth, part psychological imprint, the result brings speech once more. A miracle for the boy and the start of an ill-fated phenomenon.


Right up until tragedy strikes the young man of God and an accident cruelly steals the lives of his wife and son.

The Reverends faith comes crashing down from a great height, leading up to his final sermon and one that rocks the small community. One that continually calls into question the existence of his God, berating his actions and this sermon was one of the most riveting pieces of fiction I think I’ve ever read. Here starts Charlie Jacobs own journey and the tainted miracles that surround him.


We slowly creep through Jamie Morton's life, five decades of it as he finds his calling in music and the guitar, ravaged by drug addiction and down to the last threads of an existence almost wasted. He runs into the man who lost his faith, once again, a miracle in itself it might be said and what started as slithers of unease gradually starts to get bigger. The former man of God a self-proclaimed healer, miracle worker and now running a show like no other.


These two life's are bound together, not by choice but by a destiny culminating in darkness and death. The dreams of one man desperately seeking to look into something never meant to be seen by any living soul.


As I read this I had feelings on which path it was going to lead, I was kinda thinking it was going to be about Charlie Jacobs and a search for immortality but it was way better than that. The ending just blew me away, never guessed or got anywhere near it and I've got to say it was totally fucking brilliant. There’s a darkness in the story, disturbing moments but only really for the coup de foudre and the gripping finale. Well played the King.


Highly recommended, loved it, the audio added loads to the narration of Jamie Morton's story and that, as they say is that.


Disclaimer – no offence intended to any trainspotters out there.