The Pilo Family Circus by Will Elliott

The Pilo Family Circus - Will Elliott

Now the Pilo Family Circus isn’t your usual slapstick circus affair and you don't find it intentionally, whether you're looking or not. And trust me when I say you really don't want to visit this place, every act has a purpose and it definitely isn't to entertain the Fuck out of you.


Jamie, driving home from work late one night, almost runs down a pedestrian. No ordinary bystander this guy's dressed in clown getup right down to the white face and fake red nose. What he remembers most was the absolute look of total bewilderment on the clowns face.


From this moment on, Jamie's life changes to the surreal, clowns plague his nightmares, someone's fucking with him and pretty soon he's got an audition, he's been chosen for a role not of or even in this world.


A life or death audition to be a clown of the Pilo Family Circus.


Here we meet Gonko, the clown’s boss and quite possibly one of my favourite supporting characters ever to grace the pages of a horror novel. Prone to the odd violent outburst, irrational humour and completely mesmerizing page time.


A few of my favourite quotes involving the psychotic clown.


'Gonko prowls around the car park, somehow able to walk with an assassin’s stealth despite his ridiculous large red shoes. His face seems split into vicious creases and hard as stone; it is a face that looks to have been used as sandpaper and soaked in whisky.'


And he owns a pair of clown pants that deliver objects of desire to his pockets, usually a weapon such as a knife, axe or even bigger knife.


'Gonko strolled over with a smile that seemed at odds with his face, as though nature had never intended the muscles to pull that way.'


The saying 'right next door to hell' wouldn't be too far amiss in describing the whereabouts of the Pilo Family Circus and good intentions is the last thing in the minds of the various lures that occupy this place of tricks.


A thoroughly entertaining, violent tale that shows a wonderfully warped imagination that you can't help being dragged in by and I did just like it.