The Scent of New Death by Mike Monson

The Scent of New Death - Mike Monson
In one scorching hot June afternoon Phil Gaines lost his wife, his partner, and nearly eighty thousand dollars.
The Scent of New Death is a brutal tale of revenge reminiscent of Mel Gibson in the violent thriller Payback indelicately crossed with a sexually deviant tale in the vein of The Killing Kind by Bryan Smith.
Two criminals that worked well together, worked to a timeline, robbing banks, one drove the car and the other did the business in the bank. A successful regime that ended the day Phil Gaines met the wild intoxicating redhead Paige Robins.
Phil Gaines had never been caught for good reason, he was a quiet man that lived under the radar, cold and calculating. He was entirely unprepared and totally captivated by the fucked up, crazy whirlwind that was very soon to be Paige Gaines.
The driver and partner Jeff Sweet was also ensnared by the depraved redhead but he was a very different animal compared to Phil Gaines, the only mistake they made was not killing the husband.
This is a well written piece that's difficult to categorize, not really crime as you know the culprits straight off. A violent thriller that is not scared to cross into the realms of horror yet contains no real surprises regarding the outcome.