Savage Species by Jonathan Janz

Savage Species - Jonathan Janz

Savage Species is a glorious fuckroar of brash, high velocity, monster mash up horror that's got to be the closest a book can come to watching a movie on the big screen.


There's unrelenting action, a good dose of humor, characters that fit the bill almost of a teen slasher film with the added ingredients of some older heads to steady the ship.

There’s a couple of prize pricks in there that you spend most of the book hoping they're going to get exactly what’s coming to them, an Indian called Red Elk who brazenly sings the praises of soft porn while actually having some sort of idea as to what the fuck everyone is facing.


I do recommend this for a wickedly entertaining read or listen to in my case that doesn’t require too much in the way of thinking. Just sit back relax and enjoy a creature attack that's going to leave blood everywhere, knickers seriously in a twist and lads looking at girls arses as they scamper through tunnels with escape perhaps not at the forefront of the mind.


My only complaint, the narrator who for me sounded like he belonged on an educational piece talking about Pythagoras or quadratic equations and who developed a crazily deep voice for some of the young female characters. This is my third read from Janz and they just get better.