Ambitious plans for 2015

My 2015 targets


What I’m rolling over and what I hope to read and listen to in 2015.

My OCD is lists, without them I'd feel incomplete even though I won't stick to it 100%. These are what I fancy reading now, at this particular moment in time.


They are in some semblance of order in the various sections with the ones I want to read at the top and then going down, the order suitably disintegrates because I lost interest after I'd copied them all from Amazon, my bookshelves and expected stuff coming in.


If I do 75% of this lot though, I will be pleased and if anyone wants to read with me on any of them just let me know.


All the Darkfuse releases for 2015


Darkfuse - oldies

James Cooper – The Dark Father

Tim Curran – Blackout

Ronald Malfi – Snow

James Newman                - Olden

Bryan Smith - Bloodrush

Jeffrey Thomas - Beyond The Door

Maurice Broaddus - Bleed With Me

Cate Gardner - Barbed Wire Hearts

Christopher Fulbright & Angeline Hawkes - Black Mercy Falls

Sandy DeLuca - Darkness Conjured

Ronald Malfi - The Separation

Allan Leverone - Darkness Falls

Michael Louis Calvillo - Bleed For You

Greg F Gifune - Lords of Twilight

Christopher Fulbright & Angeline Hawkes - Sorrow Creek

 Sandy DeLuca - Reign of Blood

Ronald Malfi - After the Fade

Kealan Patrick Burke - Thirty Miles South of Dry County

Justin Paul Walters - Chorus of Dust

JG Faherty - He Waits

Allan Leverone - Heartless

JG Faherty - The Cold Spot

Norman Prentiss - The Fleshless Man

Tim Waggoner - The Men Upstairs   

Jeff Mariotte – Season of the wolf, Cold black hearts, missing white girl

Michael Boatman – Revenant Road

Keith Deininger – The new flesh

Brian hodge – Picking the bones


Stephen King (min 10 books)

Pet Sematary (1982)

Christine (1983)

Cycle of the Werewolf (1984)

It (1986)

The Tommyknockers (1987)

Misery (1987) (got)

The Dark Half (1989) (got)

Dolores Claiborne (1992) (got)

Insomnia (1994)

The Green Mile (1996)

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon (1999)

Under the Dome (2009)

Joyland (2013) (got)


James Lee Burke (10 books from)

  1. Heaven's Prisoners (1988) got
  2. Black Cherry Blues (1989)
  3. A Morning for Flamingos (1990)
  4. A Stained White Radiance (1992)
  5. In the Electric Mist with Confederate Dead (1993)
  6. Dixie City Jam (1994)
  7. Burning Angel (1995)


Billy Bob Holland

  1. Cimarron Rose (1997)
  2. Heartwood (1999)
  3. Bitterroot (2001)


Dennis Lehane

Kenzie and Gennaro

  1. Darkness, Take My Hand (1996)
  2. Sacred (1997)
  3. Gone, Baby, Gone (1998)
  4. Prayers for Rain (1999)
  5. Moonlight Mile (2010)


  1. The Given Day (2006)
  2. Live by Night (2012)

Shutter Island (2003)

The Drop (2014) got

World Gone By (2015)


RJ Ellory

Candlemoth (2003)

Ghostheart (2004)

City Of Lies (2006)

A Quiet Belief In Angels (2007)

Saints of New York (2010)

Bad Signs (2011)

The Devil and the River (2013)

Carnival of Shadows (2014)




Ed Lorn - Cruelty to completion

John Connolly - A Song of Shadows

Michael McDowell - Blackwater: The Complete Caskey Family Saga (6 books), The Elementals

Stephen Gregory – The Cormorant, The Perils and Dangers of this Night, The Waking that Kills, The Woodwitch,

Adam Cesare – The Summer Job, Bone Meal Broth, Video Night

Chris Fox - No Such Thing as Werewolves

A.R. Torre - The Girl in 6E

Michael McBride - The Fall, Trail of blood, Blizzard of souls, Bloodletting, Predatory Instinct

Gregor Xane – Hanover block, Six Dead Spots, Mr. Tucker & Me: A Short Story

Craig Saunders - Days of Christmas: A Sarah House Novel, The Estate

Jonathan Janz – The Sorrows

Matt Shaw - SickER Bastards, Psychopath for Hire, The Family

Bryan Smith - Strange Ways, the dark ones, house of blood

Tim Curran – The Devil Next Door

Tim Miller - Family Night, The Country Club

Sam West - Suffer Hard, Djinn, Mary Blake: A Nasty Novelette, Home Intruder, Meet The Meat

Hunter Shea - The Montauk Monster (2014) & Hell Hole (2014)

Benedict Ashforth - Abbot's Keep: A Ghost Story

John Everson - The Family Tree

Sergey Kuzentsov - Butterfly Skin

RyĆ« Murakami, Ralph McCarthy – Audition & Piercing

David Bernstein - The Unhinged

Brian Hodge - Worlds of Hurt

Brian Keene – Urban Gothic, The Rising, City of the dead

Jack Ketchum – The Girl next door

James Newman – Midnight Rain

Mainak Dhar - Alice in Deadland Trilogy

Ronald Malfi - The Narrows, December Park

Robert McCammon – Swan Song, They Thirst, Speaks the Nightbird

James A Moore - Homestead

Douglas Clegg – Dinner with the Cannibal Sisters

Tim Curran - The Corpse King

Lee Thomas - Torn

Lee Thompson – Immersion

James A Moore - Cherry Hill

James A Moore - Smile No More

James A Moore - Under the Overtree

Scott Smith - The Ruins, A Simple Plan

Lee Thomas - Ash Street

Keith deininger - shadow animals

Lisa Unger in the blood

Joe Lansdale – The God of the Razor

Nick Cutter – The Deep, The Acolyte(2015)

Simon Kurt Unsworth - The Devil's Detective (2015)

Carlton Mellick – The Haunted Vagina

Jeffrey Thomas – Voices from Punktown

Kathe Koja- Skin



Southern USA Crime & a few others

Don Winslow - The Power of the Dog & The Winter of Frankie Machine

Craig Davidson - Rust and Bone

Les Edgerton – The Bitch

Jedidiah Ayres – Peckerwood & F*ckload of Shorts & Fierce Bitches

Anthony Neil Smith - All the Young Warriors

Frank Bill - Crimes in Southern Indiana: Stories

Daniel Woodrell - Woe to Live On, The Maids Version

Tom Franklin - Hell at the Breech

William Gay – Twilight

Tom Piccirilli – 6 books inc A Choir of Ill children

Johnny Shaw – Dove Season, Big Maria

Joe Lansdale – Savage Season

Sam Hawken - The Dead Women of Juarez

Tom Franklin – Hell at the Breach

Daniel Woodrell – Woe to live on

Eryk Pruitt – Dirtbags

Craig Furchtenicht – Dimebag Bandits

Nic Pizzolatto - Galveston




Donna Tartt - The Goldfinch

Roger Smith - Mixed Blood

Ed McBain – Cophater

Terry Hayes - I Am Pilgrim

Elmore Leonard – Pronto

Rachel Abbott – The Back Road, Sleep Tight

Mark Edwards - Because She Loves Me

Simon Wood – Paying the Piper



Harper Lee - To Kill a Mockingbird

J.D. Salinger - The Catcher in the Rye

Jeff Salyards - Veil of the Deserters: Bloodsounder's Arc, Book 2 (audio)

Brian McClellan - The Crimson Campaign: The Powder Mage, Book 2 (audio)

Elmore Leonard – Pronto (audio)

William Faulkner - Light in August, The Sound and the Fury (audio)

James Dickey – Deliverance (audio)

Joe Abercrombie – Half a King

John Connolly (all audio)

  1. Every Dead Thing (1999)
  2. Dark Hollow (2000)
  3. The Killing Kind (2001)
  4. The White Road (2002)
  5. The Black Angel (2005)
  6. The Unquiet (2007)

John Hornor Jacobs - The Incorruptibles

Carlos Ruiz Zafón - The Prince of Mist, The Prisoner of Heaven, The Shadow of the Wind

Andrew Smith – Grasshopper Jungle

Anthony Ryan - Towerlord


Now that's a list ;-)