Two For Texas by James Lee Burke

Two For Texas - James Lee Burke

Two for Texas takes us back to the days of the battle for the Alamo and the Texas revolution. This is a period of history I've always been interested in and James Lee Burke tells a gritty, powerful tale that certainly covers a lot of ground.


The story follows Son Holland and Hugh Allison as they escape prison in Louisianna, Killing one of the French guards in the process. Wanted and chased by the French their adventures embody deals with the Indians, stealing horses from the Mexicans and evading capture, culminating in the only chance of safety. Joining the Texas Rangers of Sam Houston and the Texas revolution.


Son and Hugh's personnel battles were well told in James Lee Burkes expressive style and the second half of the story jumps in leaps and bounds past the Alamo right up to the decisive battle of San Jacinto and the capture of the Mexican general Santa Anna.


I enjoyed the history and the mention of key figures of the time such as Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett and Sam Houston, both the characters and the atmosphere were spot on but it deserved to be a longer piece. The battle cry of 'remember the Alamo' and Sam Houston inspiring his men was also convincingly told.


The narration was by Tom Stechschulte who was absolutely perfect for this tale, as he was for the first two of the Hackberry Holland trilogy. In conclusion really enjoyed this and it deserved to be a much bigger piece.