The Squidder by Ben Templesmith

The Squidder - Ben Templesmith

First off I love Ben Templesmiths artwork, it’s not clean cut panels and pristine colours, it’s dark and raw, visceral, its blood and fire. Something to behold, something to look at, take it in and appreciate, leave your microscope behind because you don’t see stuff like this every day.


I got the opportunity to review this and my thanks to Netgalley & IDW publishing but instead of the electronic version I’ve got the behemoth Kickstarter Hardcover which is a substantial and wickedly impressive piece.


The artwork was everything I expected and a hell of a lot more, there was extra artwork in the rear that was just phenomenal and yes I guess I am breaking down into fanboy mode. Doesn't happen very often, in fact fuck the story I'm just going to show some of the artwork and let it speak for itself.


There are many stories about the end of the world. It's a popular subject. These dystopian tales show a bruised and battered humanity, struggling to get by in a world where everything has changed. In Ben Templesmith's The Squidder, the cause of mankind's decline is a race of ancient alien squids that invaded the planet and wiped out most of humanity. But there are those that fight, those that were bred to fight and its all about the fight.


That's me done.



Blood and fire is a familiar backdrop to Ben Templesmith's stuff.






There's even a bit of sex but not your usual pregnancy I assure you.



And yep the backdrop is fire.



Quality, go get it.