Thirty Miles South Of Dry County by Kealan Patrick Burke

Thirty Miles South Of Dry County - Kealan Patrick Burke

Thirty Miles South Of Dry County introduces us to the mythical western town of Milestone and of the worst day you could possibly imagine will just pale in comparison to this town summoning you into its clutches.


If Milestone has set it's sights on you then everything's going to change and you will end up there eventually 'because Milestone is its own universe, and every universe needs an equal balance of order and chaos.'


It's just a town you might think, how can it pull people to it but this ain't no ordinary town it's a prison, a life sentence you bring on yourself by virtue of your past transgressions and do you think you go there by choice. Everyone has a choice, right. Do you think you travel there under your own steam, a chance decision perhaps? Think again.


Old Warwick Tanner used to sit on a bench outside the store, every single day, didn't have nothing else to do. His wife now dead and companionship coming from his two best friends. Until they decided to go to Milestone, that's what Tan believed anyway.


That fucking town is calling him, to find his friends, maybe or does it have something else in mind.


"Milestone is flypaper, Mr. Tanner. It attracts bad people, to keep them from being out in the world. But I don’t believe it’s consciously evil. It just happens to be attuned to a frequency shared by sinners."


This is a wickedly intriguing novella from KPB and there is also a collection of novellas released in one edition called Milestone, funnily enough, all about that place you really hope you never get the inclination to visit.