The Eye That Blinds by B E Scully

The Eye That Blinds - B. E. Scully

The eye that blinds was my first read from new darkfuse author B E Scully and I've got to say it was an enjoyable, dark little novella. If you're a bit of a stalker then there's plenty of tips here on how to take it to the next level, although that's not an endorsement you should take to heart.


Ross Delvin, better known as Mad Dog, in his own mind anyway, finds himself stood naked on one leg in his living room and bang on 3 hours later, he's still there and completing what he believes is a bizarre test.


The twenty-seven year old, college graduate, currently unemployed, star contestant of the soon-to-be-aired reality TV show 'The Eye' and is it all real is the question, is it legit. Well he's seems to think so and fame beckons.


His two best friends, one his now ex-girlfriend and the other his best mate, who appears on the surface to be normal and successful. Both however are far from normal, in fact all 3 are damaged goods, Ross's best bud Tyler Wickett has always loved Brooke Merrill but she chose Ross and he's fixing to change all that. Brooke has convinced herself she's got MS and Tyler's using this as his angle.


Three more psychologically flawed characters you're unlikely to meet again and it’s intriguing to see this love triangle play out, amidst the madness, murder and delusions.