Further South by Eryk Pruitt

Further South - Eryk Pruitt

Melinda Kendall is running, Nacogdoches long gone from the rear-view mirror, stolen car, her boyfriends by the way and the fucking things broken down.


Now, gun in her bag, she's waiting at the bait and tackle shop for some options to present themselves and yep, here's two now, God's gift, maybe not but they'll do.


Melinda's got a story, one that's got her into a fair predicament, the last time she did crystal, an ounce of regret later, drugs gone and she's now fucked and running.


Further South is a short story by Eryk Pruitt and I've read it just to get a taste for the author, see if I like his style. The answers a resounding yes and I'll be reading the southern gothic noir story Dirtbags soon, looking forward to it.