Operator B by Edward Lee

Operator B - Edward Lee

This is Edward Lee, but not as we know it, this is actually a pretty good sci-fi thriller that comes down to an astounding voyage and an unanswerable plague.


Edward Lee is best known for his balls to the wall horror, forever pushing our boundaries that little bit further and our sanity. Operator B proves he can write some decent stuff away from all the cringe inducing gore and this story told in an almost simplistic, engaging style crosses Top Gun and Armageddon with a secret X-files type underground facility. In the realms of an Area 51 type setting.


And yes Aliens do exist, we've got one of their futuristic space craft, controlled by the mind. The only thing we need now is the best pilot in the world, enter left of stage newly promoted General Jack Wentz just 2 days from retirement and now with a major decision to make. Family or the U.S. Air Force and a new world, new civilisations, to boldly go where no man has gone before, this is the voyage of the …. (Shit lost it for a second there) a chance of dreams maybe even nightmares.


Just a little trip to Mars to save the U.S. government's embarrassment and quite possibly a few other minor details, simple really.