In Search of Lost Dragons by Elian Black'Mor and Carine M

In Search of Lost Dragons HC - Elian Black'Mor, Carine-M, Jezequel

‘The Dragon exudes a unique sense of cruelty.’


In Search of Dragons is written in the form of a journal and a stunning adventure to explore and document the many different types of Dragons around the world.

There’s not a great deal to read and if anything you lose focus on the written word when you see the absolutely fabulous depictions and artwork on show in this book. There’s newspaper pages, posters to give evidence of the era this is supposedly set in and the journal entries are in a calligraphy style writing which is pretty cool, wish my handwriting was half as neat as some of this.


There’s a picture of Argyle Mac Claymore, undisputed clan leader and notorious dragon slayer, brutally disfigured in battle shown in a drawing by our intrepid writer.



As for the Dragons, this is the feature of the book, there’s marsh dragons, shadow dragons, fire dragons, you name it and if this is your thing then you will be drooling, I promise.



You definitely cannot appreciate this viewing it purely on the computer, some of the sets are spread over two pages and I recommend buying the book to get the full effect of some of the best artwork I’ve ever seen.



If you’re a fan of fantasy artwork this is a must buy, simple as that.