Immersion by Lee Thompson

Immersion - Lee  Thompson

‘The walls blurred and darkness deepened and a demon made of night screamed.’


I’ve had Immersion sitting on my shelf for quite some time now and I’ve got to say I never picked it up purely because I wasn’t overly enamoured with the front cover, stupid boy, I never fucking learn. This is Lee Thompson, caliginous and playing with your mind as he does best, your feelings, you are never quite sure if it’s real, if it’s thought, nightmare or crazed delusions. And I love it, it’s one of those reads I could put down, pick it up a week later and be completely gripped all over again.



'My reflection....

Something stirred beyond it, a dark patch over it's shoulder like a raven ruffling its feathers, gleaming against the golden counterweight as the grandfather clock tolled the hour.'


Leroy lives in Jonah’s Reef, he’s enjoying an affair with the married Keri and arranges to meet her at midnight but she never turns up. Yet she does turn up, dead. Focus goes to the visitors at Hansen Field, the Church of a Thousand nights, like people from another time, ghosts of long dead settlers.


I saw my reflection in shattered pieces scattered across the floor. It said, This is your fault. You’ve immersed yourself in lies and selfishness and pain.’


Death follows Leroy round like shadow in the moonlight, heading for the unwanted visitors in the field, mind stumbling but clarity comes from Immersion and that’s what he must do.


Yes, I do just recommend this novella, Lee Thompson portrays the damaged goods of life better than anyone.