Plaster City by Johnny Shaw

Plaster City - Johnny Shaw

"An alcohol-free wedding reception is like masturbating for an hour without reaching orgasm. It’s fun at the beginning, but after a while it’s just exhausting and depressing and you want it to be over. Like that, but with dancing"


This is the single best Buddy mash-up gung-ho, shit follows them round like a dog with two dicks after a leg, riotous, violent laugh out loud book I've ever fucking read.


It's time for another Mavescapade bought to you by Bobby Maves and Jimmy Veeder, this time Bobby and Jimmy head of to look for Bobby's missing 16 year old daughter and find a shit load of tumultuous trouble, vehemently violenticle, rambunctious rollickings and slapdash hilarity. And yes this does just call for a making my own words up session.


The first chapter brings the laughs in abundance and I've got to share this with you, seriously creased me up, so heres the shortened version. Starting with Jimmy getting slapped.


"I just got hit in the face. Twice. Lost a fucking tooth. What did you say to Ceja? Why’d he attack me?”


“I might’ve kinda had something to do with that. I got pissed you were ducking my calls. When Ceja showed up, we got to drinking and bullshitting and reminiscing".

“I don’t know how we got on the subject— but I told Ceja that his little sister blew you in the backseat of your car after Junior Prom.” (Bobby)


“You what?” “Yeah.” “That didn’t happen.”


“Wait for it.” (Bobby)


“I was with Darlene What’s-her-face, not getting any. Spent all night boner-stabbing the inside of my tux zipper. I still have a scar.”


“Wait for it.” (Bobby)


“I drove Pop’s Chevy LUV then. It’s a pickup. Doesn’t have a backseat.”


“Wait for it.” (Bobby)


“Quit saying, ‘Wait’— Oh, hell no. Ceja doesn’t have a sister, does he?”


“There it is.” Bobby howled. “That’s the best part. At first he didn’t believe me, but after all them drinks".


Absolutely fucking fantastic, this had me in stitches but that's what this series is about and Johnny Shaw's only written 3 books. So do I read the last one or hold it back, Fuck it, I'll be in it soon.


Highly recommended in a more quote than review type way.