The Midnight Order by Christopher Fulbright

The Midnight Order - Christopher Fulbright

The Midnight Order was my second read from Christopher Fulbright and the start showed some promise. Nikki Lane star of over 150 of the hottest porn flicks around is living on borrowed time it seems, in the twilight of a career riddled with drugs and alcoholism, she shows up drunk to the latest Linda Lix film and its pretty much over from that point. The booze it seems is all she has left and she's reached rock bottom, flat on her back and this time, with her legs not in the air.


Out of the blue comes an old friend offering salvation in the form of the Midnight Order and a personal experience with a supernatural being sounds like a powerful medicine, a new life and she's more than ready for it, desperate.


A ferry to Blackrock Island and nestled in a ravine, the gothic castle of the Midnight Order, redemption comes with a price and she's not the only one battling the demons within.


Ok I'm with the story so far but unfortunately things went downhill from this point, when I say with the story I don't mean in the sense of a complicated plot but more along the lines of believability and style. Things got clunky and leaden from the castle onwards, it felt awkward and I started to think how things could be described better, which is never a good sign reading a story.


Lines like 'Its breath smelled like a thousand corpses' and 'A cracking sound came from her spine. She felt it deep within' just didn't feel right and a rapid recovery from someone being a slither away from unconsciousness. No I'm sorry to say I just didn't gel with this story at all after initial high hopes from a really good cover and start.


A 2.5 Rating