After Midnight by Allan Leverone

After Midnight - Allan Leverone

After Midnight by Allan Leverone is the follow up to Mr Midnight released early in 2013 and tells the story of serial killer Milo Cain and his twin sister. Did this story and these characters deserve a second outing, well on the basis of the first two chapters I'm tilting towards yes but it went rapidly downhill after that point and I just couldn't get into it.


Milo is in Bridgewater State Hospital, home to those Massachusetts inmates determined by an impartial justice system to be criminally insane. Severely disadvantaged or so you would think with almost complete paralysis and in a comatose state from two gunshots to the head. How he's adjudged to be criminally insane when in a coma I don't know but anyway that's where he is and you'd assume it's pretty much over for our crazed killer.


Well it most definitely isn't, his minor visions or flickers have increased tenfold and he's now fully aware of what's going on around him whilst in said coma and even better he can push thoughts or suggestions into people's heads. Wild as it sounds, there's more, he can jump into his sister's head and look through her eyes, using his newfound powers to force random people to do things at his whim.


And who'd suspect a man who can't even move, dead to the world or so it seems, time for revenge and can revenge possibly get any sweeter.


At first I was drawn into this story by the detail and the actions of the prison warden that our coma victim conducts his initial tests on. Detail can put you in the story but the incredulous nature and the lack of any real surprises, I mean there was only  really a couple of ways this could go, just didn't do it for me in the end.


There seemed almost a need to keep telling the reader about Milo's self-imposing will and intellect, which eventually just left me cold and waiting for the next one.

'But if nothing else, Milo Cain had always been one adaptable motherfucker' and 'Milo Cain was nothing if not dogged and single-minded' and 'Milo knew that once he focused his particular brand of advanced intelligence on the problem, a solution would present itself'. Were some of the quotes I highlighted and others similar but this story I think was much more suited to a shorter novella.


A 2.5* rating.


I received After Midnight from Darkfuse & Netgalley in exchange for an honest review and that’s what you’ve got.