Saturday Night at Eddie's by Kealan Patrick Burke

Saturday Night at Eddie's - Kealan Patrick Burke

It's Saturday Night, come on down to Eddie's bar, meet the regulars, characters you can't help but be entertained by and not necessarily with laughs, in fact if you're anywhere near Eddie's bar then you are in Milestone. A place you just might never leave.


'The door doesn't creak, though it's old enough to have earned that luxury. Instead it sighs. I sigh too, but I don't share the door's regret.'


Gracie runs the bar, Eddies long dead, a pretty girl that maybe should have sold up a long time ago, tonight's going to change all that though.


Cobb, a nudist, vital bits swinging and the purveyor of four jokes, same ones every time, he only knows four jokes you see. Wintry McCabe, a six foot six giant of a man who could probably blow the whole place into the dust if he sneezed. He's a mute though, so you're shit out of luck if you want a story. Cadaver, complete with voice box, the cost of 60 years of smoking, an ugly man who sits in the shadows counting pennies.


'He's a sight, and knows it, which is why he favors the dark, where he counts the pennies from his pocket and places them in rows, over and over and over again, until the sound of those coins meeting each other starts to feel like a measurement of time.'


The story is told by the sheriff, Tom to his friends and this Saturday is going to be like no other, starting with the arrival of Reverend Hill, closely followed by a man with a gun and an injured woman.


KPB weaves yet more of the eerily ominous Milestone myths into these characters and Eddie's bar, it's always amazing the way some authors squeeze so much detail into a short story and this one's chock full of intrigue.