Don't Read by Matt Shaw

Don't Read: A Novel of Extreme Horror, Sex and Gore - Matt Shaw

Don't Read is the latest book from Matt Shaw’s black cover series of extreme horror and this one features a pretty twisted individual writing a book, of sorts anyway. A story that could quite easily sit alongside Matt's, the only difference, hopefully anyway, is that this one is more of a biography.


Chris is writing a book, he's using what you would call personnel experience as his inspiration and he's doing it his way. There's no padding in this story, you can forget about character development and the like, this is just the juicy bits, the horror and the violence he creates every day.


His mode of transport is a heavy goods vehicle, custom designed with a sound proofed chamber hidden in the back and in that chamber, two small cages. Cages designed to be uncomfortable, especially to the captives that are locked inside.


We first meet Chris at a greasy spoon cafe late at night, the sole customer and what can only be described as an extremely violent introduction. In his book he likens cutting someone's eyelids off with scissors to separating the fat from his bacon. That should tell you what to expect and that's fairly tame compared to some of the stuff our wannabe writer gets up to. One particular incident sticks in my memory and will do for some time, involving nails and eyeballs, a moment that will make you truly wince.


Don't Read definitely felt more extreme than the other Black cover books I've read but no matter how horrific and gruesome, just try turning away and stop reading. Described in the kind of detail that will force a wide range of expressions and if you're conscious of your grimace then read this one alone. Chances are you'll look at HGV drivers in a slightly different light after reading this and prey that Matt Shaw can't drive a lorry.