SickER B*stards by Matt Shaw

SickER Bastards - Matt Shaw

SickER B*stards is of course the follow-up to Sick B*stards and serves, I guess as a prelude to Rotting Dead F*cks. The story resumes immediately where book one finishes.


Son or Brother is back after his foray into the real world, with slightly different opinions and aspirations. He wants them all to remain where they are, sex with sister is getting better, trying different things, won’t go there but it’s certainly entertaining. It’s all good but for one troubling topic. Food and the lack of it, no more visitors to eat and that’s worrying for our family. Father wants to take the car and leave, explore what is out there in the world and things are about to take a turn for the worse.


Son or Brother knows what's out there, he's the only one who does but he can't force them to stay. So he's going to have to tag along. Interspersed with chapters of his life before everything changed, we see what got him into his current predicament and the returning memories of his real family, what became of them?


Only now he's changed, he's capable of murder without a second thought and his mentality has succumbed to killing with no reprisal. Eating victims is a normal part of the day. It's a different life now and it’s fascinating to see the old and the new worlds collide in suitably horrific fashion.