Skinshift by Lisa Von Biela

Skinshift - Lisa von Biela

Marco and Dex are hustlers that work the casino's, preying on drunken gamblers and relieving them of their wallets, winnings and all. What possessed them to take on a partner, who knew, but Dominic Donato was certainly cut different to them, a wiry dangerous man with long black hair. He exuded violence in almost a demonic way and he wasn't one to blend into a crowd, more the type of person who cut through the masses with little vigilance.


When things went askew Dominic took extreme measures to the limit and shot a potential witness. That was now why he'd woken up after a severe beating, out in the middle of nowhere on the desert floor, abandoned with a new role. That of bait for the vultures and various other predators of the unforgiving Mojave Desert.


What follows is the most unlikely of ways out, a supernatural trip that will fulfil all his dreams of revenge and it all starts with a coyote. To say more would be to give the game away, enough to say that it's well written, fast paced and will appeal too many. The characters certainly weren't but the premise felt a little too young adult and fantastical for me but I can be hard to please.