Audio recs

Anyone read/listened to any of these, stuck for my next audio to start.


Michaelbrent Collings - Loon or Strangers or Darkbound 

Graham Masterton - White Bones: Kate Maguire Book 1

Bentley Little - The Influence

Glen Krisch - The Nightmare Within 

Gord Rollo - The Jigsaw Man

Bryan Smith - The Dark Ones

James Ellroy - The Black Dahlia (maybe)(Tom Stechschulte)

Scott Smith - The Ruins

Larry Brown - Father & Son (Tom Stechschulte)

Johnny Shaw - Big Maria

William Faulkner - The Sound and the Fury or Light in August (Patton)

John Connolly - Every Dead Thing (possible reread) or The book of Lost Things

James Lee Burke - Heavens Prisoners

Cormac McCarthy - Blood Meridian (reread) or Outer Dark

Michael Bray - Dark Corners

Tim Lebbon - Beserk

Greg Iles - Natchez Burning


I'm bending toward The Black Dahlia, Big Maria, A Faulkner or maybe Strangers or the Larry Brown.