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Dead Men (Libros De Inferno #1) - John C. Foster

Holy Jamoly this could quite possibly be the worst book I've ever read, let me give you some quotes and see if you can cringe as much as I am. This lots in the first six pages Jesus save me.


His silver hair was swept back from his forehead and he had the eyes of a Salem witch-burner.


She breathed, he breathed, and they regarded each other until she saw a smear of white that meant the shadow man was smiling.


having sobbed her way into something less than sleep but better than memories


But though she had run far and fast, eventually memories pounded up behind her on flat feet and kicked her in the ass


I called some bad men to me and they showed me what to do. Not called on the phone, understand? But called.” The driver made a sound that meant nothing much.


Her fingers found the solid grip of her weapon and gave it a hug