The Girl in 6E by A. R. Torre

The Girl in 6E - A. R. Torre

Jessica Beth Reilly or JessReilly19, a bubbly nineteen-year-old college student is the online alias of Deanna Madden, whose mother killed her entire family, then committed suicide. At the time it was big news, the “tragedy strikes perfect family” story of the summer. Now it's one of the reasons why she never leaves her apartment, her life is online but that's about to change when a child's life becomes hers to save.


Her first shrink told her she has anthropophobia, which is a fear of human interaction. Anthropophobia , mixed with an unhealthy dose of dacnomania, which is an obsession with murder, not in a research sense you understand. No, more in an actual killing people sense and that's the main reason she hasn't been out of her apartment in three years. Jessica is a cam girl and one of the most popular online, her only human interaction, cyber world aside is the guy down the hall who locks her door every night, so she can't get out and Jeremy, the delivery guy who drops the many packages outside her door.


Told in first person we go deeply into the life of young Deanna, her history, desires, fears and murderous inclinations are laid bare. Her erotic encounters are explored fruitfully, battery powered toys and all, as is the methods she uses to keep the pay per minute customers there for as long as it takes. All for the money.


Jeremy is obsessed, he knows Jessica is beautiful, feels it, she won't open the door though, never comes out and he wants her. He's not however, in anyway prepared to meet face to face a girl who will stun you with her beauty while at the same time reaching behind her for a suitable knife to kill you. This relationship evolves and becomes almost the finishing stroke in terms of attention but there's more going on, strap yourself in for another go and join Jessica as her world turns upside down.


The Girl in 6E is a rip roaring, fast paced page turner that doesn't need to drag you into 6E, reading about Jessica you'd willingly go in, maybe even with foolish thoughts that you could change her but beware. This beauty under the guise of lust will give you much more. Entertaining and exciting in an erotically dark and blood thirsty way.