Insulation by Craig Saunders

Insulation - Craig Saunders

Yvonne moves into a new apartment with the start of a splitting migraine, painfully described in excruciating detail by Craig Saunders.


'all she really understood at that moment was the white sheet of pain hitting her brain , something like a burning knife, sliding through from her right eye and on down toward the base of her skull... a serrated knife , something wicked and white hot'


The apartment underneath, Simon, existing in a drug induced haze playing war games online against little fuckers that live life as geek snipers seeking the ultimate head shot. Fully aware of everything going on, the routines of the other residents playing constantly on his mind, annoying him, pissing him right off.


So what's the answer? Upgrade the insulation in his apartment, make his walls thicker but what to use, what has the best noise dampening properties? Well admittedly not the product I had in mind and when Yvonne damages a floorboard over Simon's new installation. She sees something she really, really wishes she'd never seen.


Another superb novella from Craig Saunders, dark, amusing in places, especially the cleaver scene at the end and what ticks through people's minds when faced with the most desperate of situations. His sense of humour cracks me up at times, fanfuckingtastic and its long past time I added Craig Saunders to my Favourite author list.