The Jigsaw Man by Gord Rollo

The Jigsaw Man - Gord Rollo

I don't know what the audio equivalent to a page turner is but I couldn't stop listening to The Jigsaw Man. Desperately needed to know how it panned out, not because it was unique or even stupendously good but it's riveting in the way a Hollywood blockbuster can grab you.


The story is a mishmash of threads that you've watched or read before, from the rich man approaching homeless street folk with offers of life changing cash, to the crazy doctor performing seriously fucked up experiments and his violently twisted bodyguard.


Michael Fox is one of a fresh batch of street bums, it took some thought but he accepted the offer of two million dollars for, wait for it, his right arm. This money he had plans for, it would be a legacy to his daughter.


On his introduction to the medical facility where all this would take place we see a head in a jar amongst other body parts, worryingly enough twitching away as if there were a decent track on the radio. Dr Nathan Marshall underlines his plans and gives them all the tour, they will all be extremely rich men from donating various body parts for a very specific purpose but of course it doesn't quite turn out as they expected.


The story is frenetically paced with an abundance of horror, the characters are for the most part believable, Drake the twisted bodyguard is someone you do just hope gets what's coming to him and his actions with the head were worthy of a proper wince.


Well worth checking out the parts of this Jigsaw Man even if they are put together by Dr Fuckfuckityfuckfuck and his assistants Holy Mary Motherfuck and nurse Clusterfuck. So if it's a high velocity horror ride you're after that doesn't require much in the way of thought then you won't go far wrong with this one.