Not Another Bloody Zombie Story by Michael Burnside

Not Another Bloody Zombie Story - Michael Burnside

Not Another Bloody Zombie Story by Michael Burnside is a pretty succinct title. I've never been a massive lover of zombie fiction, there are some gems out there of course but there's only so many ways you can inflict the fatal head cave in/decapitation/killshot etc and it can get a tiny bit repetitive and boring. What differentiates them is the characterization over the action every time, providing the story and writer’s style tick all the right boxes.


This story kicks off with a group of teenagers camping out and waiting for a party, the usual stuff associated with horny kids and alcohol begins. There's a smattering of character depth and a couple of humorous alterations before everything just plunges off into the deep-end encased in concrete boots. The zombies are eating people with no restraint, there's lots of them and they have red eyes, seemingly in a trance, chanting some weird cacophony.


What went wrong? Well, it felt like this story was the brainchild of a five year old with a little help from his mum on the punctuation when she'd got five minutes. The writing was absolutely terrible in places, missing words, spelling errors and bad prescriptive grammar. The difference between woo and woe might only be a letter but the meaning is instrumental, as is the numerous occasions were was used instead of where. A man who sharply flinched and then was still, this after getting his head blown off. I could give loads of examples of things that just weren't right. On a positive note, it made me laugh but I'm not sure every occasion was intentional.


There is a reason such animals as proof readers and editors exist, and this unfortunately is a perfect example of why.