J is For Jaws by Iain Rob Wright

J is for Jaws (A-Z of Horror Book 10) - Iain Rob Wright

Next up in Iain Rob Wright's horror fuelled adventure through the alphabet is J and the subject matter is of course Jaws. Now I really had high hopes for this one, sharks and the like fascinate me, Jaws is a top film and there really is no answer to combat creatures of the deep. Unless you've got a pretty fool proof plan involving not going on or anywhere near the water.


Ok so we've got some friends out on a boat, you can guess the scenario, two guys, two girls, one hot and the other not so much but with a lovely personality. Everyone gets down to some serious sunbathing, sleeping or shagging and suddenly the boats drifting, the anchors been cut. Jaws has a submersible grinder and out pops James Bond's nemesis with the metal teeth and an axe to grind.


Only joking hot babe goes swimming and all we see is a 'large grey boulder' that splits down the middle and a rather large set of teeth the size of fence posts. A proper monster of the deep it seems and things can only get worse from here on out.


To be honest there's only so many ways you can go with a story like this and whichever path you choose it's unfortunately going to be predictable. The stories written well but there's no surprises and little in the way of tension. I'll definitely keep trying because one of these is going to blow me away, hopefully I don't have to wait for Z and Zombie’s or a Zebra with an Uzi.