May Reads & roundup

The Devil Gave Them Black Wings - Lee Thompson The Hanover Block - Gregor Xane The Black Dahlia - James Ellroy The Jigsaw Man - Gord Rollo The Library of the Dead - Michael Bailey, Michael Bailey, Erinn L. Kemper, Gary A. Braunbeck, Sydney Leigh, Gene O'Neill, Yvonne Navarro, Mary SanGiovanni, Brian Keene, Chris Marrs, Roberta Lannes, Kealan Patrick Burke, J.F. Gonzalez, Weston Ochse, Lucy A. Snyder, Christopher Golden, Tim Lebbon, R Pennies for the Damned - Edward Lorn Heaven's Prisoners - James Lee Burke No One Gets Out Alive - Adam Nevill When We Join Jesus In Hell - Lee  Thompson Light in August (The Corrected Text) - William Faulkner

A cracking month for getting back on track as regards my yearly target, I'm now 7 books ahead of the game after reading one or two novellas and short stories. A mixed month with quality including two of the worst books I've ever read and one of the best in William Faulkner's Light in August. I've smashed last months 18 with a solid 26 in May but you might say there's a bit of cheating in there with short stories but hey, they all count in my book. 


As per usual I'm a few reviews behind but working on them as we speak and I'm coming up to one year on booklikes at the end of June. So I've got a brilliant idea for a give-away and if you like Craig Saunders then watch out.



  1. Gregor Xane – The Riggle Twins (4*)
  2. The Sun Dog – Stephen King (4.5*)
  3. Lee Thompson - The Devil Gave Them Black Wings (4.5*)
  4. Gregor Xane – The Hanover Block (4*)
  5. John Everson - Violet Lagoon (3.5*)
  6. Craig Saunders – Insulation(4*)
  7. James Ellroy – The Black Dahlia(4*)
  8. Gord Rollo – Jigsaw Man (3.5*)
  9. Jack Lance – Pyrophobia (3*)
  10. The Library of the Dead anthology(4*)
  11. John C Foster – Dead Men (1*)
  12. Edward Lorn – Pennies for the damned (4*)
  13. Sam West - Dreamworld: Extreme Horror (2*)
  14. James Lee Burke - Heaven's Prisoners (4*)
  15. Adam Nevill – No one gets out Alive (4*)
  16. Lee Thompson - When We Join Jesus In Hell (5*) reread
  17. Iain Rob Wright – K is for Klutz (2.5*)
  18. Michael Blumlein - The Brains of Rats (3.5*)
  19. Brian Keene – The Rising (4.5*)
  20. William Faulkner - Light in August (5*)
  21. Iain Rob Wright – J is for Jaws(2.5*)
  22. Michael Burnside - Not Another Bloody Zombie Story (1*)
  23. Michaelbrent Collings – Strangers (4.5*)
  24. Iain Rob Wright - Slasher: the Escape of Richard Heinz(3*)
  25. William Todd Rose - Bleedovers: A Dystopian Novella (3.5*)
  26. Carlton Mellick III – Clownfellas (3.5*)