My Book Collection Box 7


Not done this for a while, so here's some pics of the book collection from the next box or shelf as we're actually on now.


The last lot was mainly fantasy stuff and now we are into graphic novels and a few horror, moving into some of my favourites now.


If you interested here's the previous posts


Boxes 1 & 2 (Lee Thompson, The King, Bryan Smith - awesome)

Boxes 3 & 4 (Joe Abercrombie, Mark Lawrence)

Boxes 5 & 6 (Game of thrones, Peter V Brett)


I need more shelves It's a crying shame when you ain't got the room to put everything up.


After this there's probably about 3 shelves and its all the darkfuse stuff and the oversized books - some good shit.



That Cemetery Dance version of Doctor Sleep is probably the most beautiful book I own I think I've put the artwork pics up before.



Tom Piccirilli & KPB below



I have to keep the Wicked bagged because even now it still smells of smoke - the perfect way to ruin a book other than dropping it.



REM is a wicked graphic novel that was a kickstarter




All 7 cover variations in a slipcase of the very last Locke & Key issue from the series by Joe Hill - unopened.



The Signed Razor compendium's, this was being filmed last I heard but it's probably died out like most do.





Signed by Niles & Templesmith



Not many to go now around 50 I reckon