The Rising by Brian Keene

— feeling horror
The Rising: Author's Preferred Edition - Brian Keene

Not your normal Zombie’s, thank fuck, these can think, even plan their main course from well done to medium rare (that's where you come in) and the return of the dead is eagerly awaited, they have purpose.


Although it’s the normal method of dispatch in a head shot or decapitation, luckily that's pretty much one of the few things in common with your average literary zombie catastrophe. These Zombies are controlled by a demon like entity that has an intelligence and the wherewithal of the previous host but there's a controlling hierarchy with a definitive means to an end (yours).


The only major difference in Zombie fiction is the characters, most of its been done before countless times, if the characters are worth reading about then you feel like you haven't completely wasted your time.


Thankfully this was a refreshing change, a scream inducing cliff hanger of an ending coupled with characters that I actually gave a shit about and Zombie animals, even your friendly pet can take a chunk out of your leg. Best idea, blow its fucking head off before it turns and stick it on the barbecue.