My Book Collection Box 8


For any new Followers, I've been photographing my collection of signed books and graphic novels because someone asked to see them, it's just taken some time because they are stashed here there and every bloody where. I am a true hoarder and proud of it.


Here's the previous posts if you are interested.


Boxes 1 & 2 (Lee Thompson, The King, Bryan Smith - awesome)


Boxes 3 & 4 (Joe Abercrombie, Mark Lawrence)


Boxes 5 & 6 (Game of thrones, Peter V Brett) 


Box 7 (Mainly graphic novels)




So here's the next box or shelf as it happens


 Borderlands Press novella series




A few others including some of Matt Shaw's black cover series and Clive Barkers Midnight Meat Train




Michael McBrides over-sized Gods End trilogy from Thunderstorm books



These are quality





The Border trilogy in slip case from Darkfuse




Onto the Darkfuse novels







A few waifs and strays





Onto the Darkfuse novellas









One of my favourite novellas - Deadlift



And 10 years of Darkness with delirium books