Buried Soldiers by Keith Deininger

Buried Soldiers - Keith Deininger

I read Keith Deiningers stories and more often than not I'm left with a feeling of uncertainty coupled with awe, half the time I haven't got a fucking Scooby Doo as to what's going on and its bloody awesomesauce with a dose of Chuck Norris thrown in. I must stress these feelings are not because of bad writing or plot holes and the like, it's from never quite being sure whether I'm in someone's nightmare, a twisted mind or a reality encased in pure madness.


This one was a 10 part serial novella and I've decided I need to start taking drugs, everything may just slip into place then.


Buried Soldiers follows a guy named Grady, the opening sortie sees him as a kid watching an extremely disturbing act of violence at the hands of a young girl. We then quickly go to what I assume is our present time period and Grady is now some kind of ex-soldier hiding from a horde of people and violence. We then learn of a fever, which could bring about dreams as our protagonist hides in his basement. So the story could effectively be in the mind of a boy, a man who thinks back to his childhood while living in a fucked up world or a combination of both within fevered dreams.


I need to read this again without the breaks but I certainly recommend it, Keith Deininger makes me want to trip face nuggets. That is all.