Jaws by Peter Benchley

Jaws - Peter Benchley

Jaws or 'the fish' as he prefers to be known is one big ass, mean motherfucking, rip toothed, man eating great white shark whose sole job is to harass the swimmers at Amity beach to the point where no-one dare go in the water and the livelihood of everyone in the town is severely under threat.


So what makes him perfectly qualified for this role, well he's got big fucking teeth, swims like a torpedo and has developed a taste for reading swimmers, boats and fishermen. Reading, Woah, autocorrect error that was eating.


Ok the book pans out a little different to how they ended up filming it but you can forgive that I guess, after all the movie wasn't too bad. A few plot differences with regard to Hooper shagging the chief’s missus and how 'the fish' eventually just slips into the depths instead of getting theatrically blown to bits but hey, it works. Good job.