SCRIVENER'S Books & Bookbinding


OK I went to that Bookstore on Saturday, its about 25 miles from my house, so did a 10 mile walk around a reservoir and then called in to check it out.



Here's the website and I parked up the road, got a two hour ticket, had a pretty good look round and made it back to the car with minutes to spare, time goes quick when you're having fun.

And it's got that wicked old book smell that stops you walking out the door, keeps you working the shelves in case you've missed something. There's lots of seats, coffee maker and biscuits, honestly I nearly moved in on the spot.


Now its not a modern book store its all old stuff, things like the Folio Society books, the horror section had a dozen books in it but there was loads of crime books, Agatha and the like. The most impressive section was the Penguin classics.


What did I buy, well I probably could have done another hour in there, no sweat but came out with these.



4 Books by William Faulkner, one by Stanley Kauffmann and 4 stories by William Golding of which I'm already half through Lord of the Flies.



And the morning wasn't too bad either, I listened to two excellent audio books in Animal Farm by George Orwell and Robert McCammon's Going South.


Here's a couple of pics.








All told not a bad day.