Stupid or Genius? 10 Real Modern Inventions That You Won’t Believe Exist.


1. Cat Mops, an attempt at making cats useful




2. That "new-book-smell" now comes in a can




3. Making them ever harder to find - camo golf balls.




4. Bacon Soap...



5. Golf club drink dispensers… isn’t this why bottles exist?




6. Make-out Pillows. Creepiest thing ever.




7. USB Mini-Vacuum Cleaners, for the OCD in all of us





8. Radio/Toaster combo. Finally.




9. The Remote Wrangler. Finally I can stop taping remotes to my face!




10. And last but not least - high-heel snow shovels. When you just have to look fancy while shoveling the drive.




And Bonus Entries








Not quite sure if this springs open when you get to the desired 'Love' level.