Urban Gothic by Brian Keene

Urban Gothic - Brian Keene

Urban Gothic is a full on screaming, head caved in with a hammer, fingers bitten off by a monstrous dwarf kind of horror that is fucking wincingly good horror and a barrel load of fun. This is the Wrong Turn horror films diverted into a suburban street in Philadelphia and landing up in a house that has more doors, passages and secret rooms with murderous psychos than Horror Kill House 16: Revenge of the freaks. If you want to be chased round by an grotesque 7ft monstrosity named Nigel, wielding a hammer that’s too big for little Thor and loads of other friendly aberrations then you've come to the right place.


A totally riotous, tortuously enjoyable horror that has humongous big and tiny freaks chasing down the usual bunch of young kids on their way to score some weed after a concert. Throw into the mix a copper plunderer who definitely picked the wrong house to rip off, stupid boy and a bunch of neighbours looking to launch a rescue mission. And we have all the ingredients for some good old fashioned horror, plenty of outrageous violence and loads of fun. Not a classic but what do you want, it does the job and does it very well.