A life lesson


Ok I'm going to tell you about a lesson I learnt early on in life that has stood me in good stead for many years and became almost a mantra that I live by.

Its sort of around bullying and group interaction when you become a target for what I call piss taking or being made fun off, its a totally demoralizing experience that different people cope with in different ways and you can clam up/hit out/walk away. You know the score everyone has been there.


At high school around age 14/15 my coping mechanism was to go in a mood when singled out for abuse, just sit there simmering hatred but not having the means to retaliate or even dig myself out of the hole that my posture created - leave me alone you fuckers please. Now I was never physically bullied but being part of a large group there's always bits of things going about, alpha male, that kind of shit.


So I sort of realized what a mess I was getting myself in and had a big old think about it.

My revelation hit me with almost joy, when having a group of people take the piss the primary goal is they latch onto something that makes you extremely uncomfortable and ramp it up, they want to see your comfort destroyed, they want see you squirm like fuck.


So how to react.


Well I realized that you can sometimes be your own worst enemy because the answer is starring you in the face.


There is no one on this planet who knows you better than yourself.


So who can take the piss out of you better than anyone, that's right you and you only.

You know what makes you squirm the most, you know it fucking all, whats the answer then.


Simple when someone tries to demean you, make you look small, embarrass you.


Then go that one step further, take the piss out of yourself, you will do it much better and much funnier than they will and the wind from their sails is gone in an instant because you can always go that one step more.


It also acts as a bit of a catalyst, makes you look at yourself in a slightly different way and I found it enabled me to cope with any group interaction problem.


Although I still struggle with talking in front of a group of people at work when everyone's focused on you, that is my biggest issue and that's what truly makes me squirm even go red in a lot of cases. Anyway this might be more of a guy thing so apologies if it means absolutely nothing to you.


Ok job done, why? you ask well someone made a comment on my post about America it sort of reminded me of that mantra. 


So lets take the piss out of the British, that can be equally funny every society has their traits, right.




And this just made me laugh (kids program)