The Stand: Captain Trips

The Stand: Captain Trips - Stephen King, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Laura Martin, Mike Perkins








After reading the uncut version of The Stand by the king last year and being totally blown away by it, I decided to seek out the graphic novels to see if they portrayed the overall feel of the original novel. Captain Trips is the first edition and collects the first 5 comics of the series.






And yes this does just rock, it’s tightly bound to the king’s masterpiece and the artwork is pretty awesome. Flagg or the walkin’ dude stands out significantly looking truly evil and as far away from that Billy Ray Cyrus lookalike from the TV series as possible. Fran’s giggles are there, although not when the superbug hits home and her mother still wants a good slap. Larry’s home after everything goes Pete Tong and I want to listen to his song, I’ve seen the words that many times. Maybe the King should’ve released a single ‘Baby, can you dig your man’, number 1 for sure.



Nick takes his beating, Lloyd does his killing and Stu is locked up as the muppets in hazmat suits inject him with the virus. Trashcan man is not there yet, neither is Harold but there is a big character list to this and theysa comin’.

It’s all cool bring on the next one.