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Black Cat Mojo - Adam Howe

Don't ask me why but I feel the need to share this little gem.


Rummy our famous porn star dwarf with the foot long schlong, is currently kidnapped by a couple of rednecks looking to make some cash by making him do the nasty with their Momma, a rather large lady who they film eating, for the sickos on the web.


'Momma made a gurgling noise, deep in her throat. She started teasing up the tarp, flashing Rummy some leg. Literally: one leg. She’d lost the other leg above the knee, probably to diabetes. All that remained was a gnarly stump, baby’s ass-pink at the sawed-off end. The leftover limb—and the other leg, for that matter—was rashed with bedsores and bristling with coarse black hair. She was naked below the waist. Her leg and stump led to a bush like a verminous haystack. The old hag’s labia grinned at Rummy through a rat’s nest of wiry hair, the withered brown lips glistening like something gone spoiled in a fishmonger’s window. Yolky yellow mucus oozed down her inner thighs, pooling on the bed.'


“Just to warn you,”Troy said. “Momma’s a squirter, so hold on tight."


'Rummy squeezed his eyes shut and sucked a deep breath. His stomach lurched as the woman parted her thighs, and he caught a whiff of something like a fisherman’s bait box.'