Gone South by Robert McCammon

Gone South - Robert R. McCammon

Prepare to get swept up in tidal wave of genius from Robert McCammon, this is one fucking wildly entertaining story with some of the craziest freakiest characters you will ever read about.


Dan Lambert turns up every morning hoping for a days work, things aren't going too good for Dan the man, he's got leukaemia and there's not many miles left on his clock. Dan's a Vietnam vet with a whole coffin load of bad memories, it cost him his marriage and he doesn't see his son because his ex thinks he's unhinged.


Then he gets a letter from the bank, missed payments on his truck, he just needs some time, a little extension. You just know it's not going to happen though, this meeting has got Elmore Clusterfuck written all over it and pretty soon we have one dead bank manager and one good intentioned client on the run.


Whilst avoiding the law Dan runs into Arden Halliday who is most definitely on a mission, she's bound for the swamp lands in search of a mythical faith healer to eradicate the birth mark that adorns her face and they fall in together like old friends. One searching and one running, helping each other.


And then we have the two bounty hunters chasing the 15 thousand dollar reward on Dan, hot on the trail and two more fitting rejects from Freaks R Us you won't come across again. Flint has a brother who hides from plain site and Pelvis Eisley is the king, kinda, on his first hunt and Flint has to put up with the incessant chatter, the jumpsuit and a bloody dog.


The stories great, you can't help but get invested in Dan's plight and you'll even come to like the bad guys, ok, not hate them let's agree on. An ever so slightly disturbing quest, all rolled up in a bizarre deviance that rarely falters onto the straight and narrow path. A fascinating tale of messed up folk Gone South.